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Intellectual Property Disclosure Form - Instructions


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Getting Started

The completion of the Intellectual Property Disclosure Form is the first step in the disclosure of new inventions submitted to the IP office at UAE University. This form serves three purposes. First, it is used as a source of basic information to assist the Office of the Associate Provost for Research, and the Intellectual Property Committee to evaluate your invention. Second, the form serves as documentation and evidence of the creation of your invention. And, third, it serves as a first disclosure to the patent attorney or patent agents that may be assigned to your invention and serves as an information base for patentability and opinion searches etc.

The form is divided into four major sections. It is important that each be filled out completely. The relevance of each section is discussed below:

1.Description of Invention and Non-Proprietary Executive Summary

A. Your description of the invention will be used to evaluate the technical novelty and commercial potential. Please answer each question on the disclosure; each section is important to describe the inventor's idea in a better way.
B. The Non-Proprietary Executive Summary will be disclosed to media/press and may be used as a marketing resource for your invention. It must very brief and generic in nature and not include details about the invention that may adversely affect the patenting of the disclosed idea before filing the patent application at patents office.

2.Financial Resources Used/Prior Obligations

Funding agencies, private grantors, and research sponsors may have rights in inventions. The information provided in this section will serve to identify potential rights, if any, of those who have contributed resources to your project.

3.Disclosures, Publications and Related Background Information

Publications and/or oral disclosures have an impact on the potential patentability of your invention. Back-ground technology information is used to assist in better understanding your invention as well as to identify potentially competitive technology. Should the university elect to file a patent application for your technology, this information will be provided to legal firms as part of the application process.

4.Inventor(s) Information

Inventorship is to claim a role in the final conception of a definite idea of the complete and operative invention. The information contained in this section will be used to identify all inventors and will be included in various legal documents (e.g. documents filed in Patent and Trademark Offices). This information will also be used for advertising and commercialization purposes, should the invention be liable to generate licensing income. It is therefore essential that each inventor be given the opportunity to review his/her information details and then to sign the disclosure form. It is the responsibility of the inventors to keep the office of the Associate Provost for Research always updated with their current address and contact details.

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